VISA Requirement and Procedures for Travel in ROMANIA

All persons coming to ELI-NP should obtain all the requisite information in good time on entry requirements applying for Romania.
It is therefore recommended to submit your visa application at least three months and not later than 30 days, prior to your departure date.

The Romanian visa is issued by the diplomatic missions and consulates of Romania. A visa application is submitted to the diplomatic missions or consulates of Romania abroad , in the area where the applicant domiciles or resides, and in exceptional circumstances to the diplomatic missions or consulates of Romania in the state on whose territory the applicant stays legally.

Do I need a visa?

Citizens of the European Union or from the European Economic Area (EEA) can enter Romania at any border checkpoint where they submit must a valid identity document – passport or another identity document acknowledged by the Romanian State.
EU/EEA citizens may enter and stay in the territory of Romania in keeping with the right of free movement and residence granted under the Romanian legislation, according to European provisions. For a stay in Romania longer than 90 days, a registration certificate has to be obtained from the Romanian Immigration Office.
Citizens of other states (states not in the EU/EEA) need an entry visa.

Please consult the list of states whose citizens (annex 1), holders of simple passports, are required a visa upon entry on the Romanian territory.
Please consult the list of states whose citizens (annex 2) , holders of simple passports, are not required a visa to travel to Romania.
The regime applicable to the holders of diplomatic, service/official and special passports (annex 3).

Short-stay visa (symbol C)

It allows nationals to require the entry on the Romanian territory, for other reasons than immigration, for an uninterrupted stay or for more stays the duration of which does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period prior to each day of stay on Romania's territory. This type of visa can be issued for one or several entries.
The holder of a short-stay visa cannot extend his/her right of stay.
Short-stay visas are issued depending on the purpose of the trip to Romania.

Cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not breach Romanian laws (symbol C/ZA)

It is issued to third-state citizens who are to travel to Romania subject to justifying their presence on the territory of Romania.

  • documents issued by the institutions which they are invited to, justifying their presence in Romania;
  • valid travel ticket to destination, or the driving license, green card and registration documents of the means of transport in the case of vehicle drivers, except for the accompanying persons who travel together with them;
  • proof of financial means in amount of EUR 50/day, or the equivalent in convertible currency, for the entire period, but not less than EUR 500 or the equivalent in convertible currency;
  • travel medical insurance;
  • proof of accommodation

Ask for a visa online

In order to facilitate the issue of visas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs restructured the eVisa electronic portal, which can be accessed 24/7 at address , with the aim of reducing the waiting time at a diplomatic mission/consulate and at streamlining the visa application process.

The eVisa portal offers visa applicants the opportunity to demonstrate the fulfilment of legal requirements by loading online all the necessary information and supporting documents before going to the diplomatic mission/consulate. The documents are verified by the consular staff, who give online feed-back and inform the applicant about his/her possibility to make an online appointment through the portal, for a certain date and time, when to be present at the relevant diplomatic mission or consulate in order to have the original documents verified and the file registered.

The eVisa portal offers users the possibility to check the status of their applications online, in any moment.

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