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Filling out a beam time request for joint ELI-ERIC Calls

Submission process

1. Before submitting a proposal, a user has to create an account on the ELI ERIC User Portal. Access to the Proposal Management System is granted once the account is set up following the instructions in the confirmation email.

2. The Principal Investigator (PI) submitting a proposal shall fill in the Proposal template describing the scientific and technical content of the proposed experiment and upload it as part of the proposal.

3. Before finishing, the PI shall accept the Terms and Conditions and GDPR Information Notice and confirm that those have been share with the other team members on behalf of which the proposal is made.

Proposal Review Process

1. Feasibility Assessment: – Proposals, once submitted, are immediately assessed by authorised ELI Staff to confirm their technical and safety feasibility. Users are strongly encouraged to contact the ELI Staff indicated as contact persons for each instrument ahead of submission to assess feasibility.

2. Peer-review: – The scientific merit of Proposals is assessed by the ELI Program Advisory Committee, which consists of independent scientific experts. The PAC provides advice to the ELI management by assigning a score and a rank to the Proposals.

The status and outcome of the evaluation of Proposals will be communicated via the User Office and email notifications to the Principal Investigators without undue delay.

The Principal Investigators of Proposals selected for Access will then be contacted for scheduling for the preparation meetings and the actual beam time itself.